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Friday, June 25, 2021

I'm 5'1, here's how to look tall for SHORT HEIGHT girls!

How to dress to look Tall?

I'm a short, 5'1 height girl. I personally don't mind my height and I think it's pretty cool. I didn't always feel that way. I never had a problem with my height until people around me made me feel conscious about it. I hated the constant comparison and demeaning looks. I guess everyone is conscious about that one thing. 

Sometimes even tall people are conscious of being too tall. 

Short height can be a problem when you're auditioning for a movie or going for an air hostess interview. In that case, height does matter. If you want to look tall in photos or be taken seriously at work, looking tall can be quite advantageous.

Watch my YouTube video to know more:

Here are 15 ways to look extra tall

1) Vertical lines 

vertical lined pants

Wear a pair of pants with long vertical lines. Horizontal lines make you look wider and vertical lines make you look taller. 

I'm wearing vertical lined pants

I matched my vertical lined pants with a black velvet top. Black has a beautiful way of making you look tall and slender. The best thing about black is that it suits most skin tones.

2) Skin-coloured shoes

Nude heels

Pick a basic nude pair of heels. It makes you look tall and gorgeous! 

Skin-coloured shoes make your legs look never-ending. A black pair of heels just cuts, your silhouette while a nice nude pair makes you look long and tall.

3) Monochrome to look tall

An all-black, all-white or all-nude outfit, will look absolutely stunning on you. Monochrome has that charm. It does not distract the eye with contrasting colours. 

white monochrome clothes

If you add a belt it cuts your long and endless silhouette in the middle.

4) Say no to Midi 

Wear short skirts or long skirts but don't wear anything midi. (the picture down below shows a midi skirt) It will make you look shorter! Midi clothes cut you off right at the calf. 

On the contrary, if you're wearing something short it will make your legs look longer and if you're wearing something long it will make you look like an endless canvas. 

5) Show your neck 

Wear a v-neck or a deep neck top that shows off your long beautiful neck. It will make you look taller. If you cover your neck with a polo neck shirt, it will make you look small and cramped. 

V neck top

Show off your beautiful neck to everybody.

6) Small prints

Large, big prints make you look tiny and the print looks huge. Tiny prints make you look taller. 

Avoid prints if you can because prints keep changing depending on the seasons. It will eventually go out of style. It's best to stay away from prints.

7) Long necklaces 

Long necklaces make you look nice and tall. Choker necklaces will cover your neck up, making you look short. 

Long necklaces will make you look like you have an endless torso. 

8) High-waisted pants 

This one is my absolute favourite. I love wearing high waisted pants! If you know me you know that I wear a lot of high-waisted pants. 

High-waisted pants make your figure look bomb! It elongates your legs to look longer.

9) Nothing oversized 

Don't wear those big bulky tops. It will look like you're floating in the top. Wear something that looks nice and tight. Clothes that are too baggy make us short girls look like tiny toddlers. 

loose baggy sweater

Even though they are super cute, baggy clothes make us look like we are swimming in them. 

10) Small structured bag 

A small structured bag that ends at your waist, makes you look not only tall but sophisticated. Your bag should not end at your hips. A huge oversized bag will make you look tiny and the bag look bigger. 

A nice small bag will make you look longer and proportionate. 

Make sure the bag is structured. An unstructured bag will just look sloppy. 

11) Pointed shoes 

A nice pointed pair of stilettos look beautiful, elegant and expensive. 

A pointed pair of heels not will not only make you look classy but also elongated. That's because pointy shoes are longer than a rounded pair.  

12)  High hairstyles 

High hairstyles like a bun increase the appearance of your height by almost an inch. 

I had a short friend who used to wear a really big bun on top of her head. Wearing the bun really worked. She looked way taller than she actually was. To add to it, she also had a great personality.

13) Crop tops 

Crop tops are so amazing! I just love the combination of crop tops and high-waisted pants. Crop tops make your torso look smaller and long pants make your legs look more elongated. 

Always make sure that your legs look longer than your upper body. Long legs are associated with tall people.

14) knee-length boots 

I can't wait to get a hold of knee-length boots. They're just so beautiful they're my favourite. I just want to get a nice black leather pair of high-heeled boots. They have always been on my wish list. 

black knee length boots

Knee-length boots are not only beautiful but they also make you look nice and elongated. That's because it ends at your knee and will make you look like one long canvas.


It's fun to be tall, you can look over everyone but it's cool to be short as well, you can walk without bending lol.

Jokes aside, we are all so different and unique in our own way. 

Yeah maybe you're short but somebody else is stout, bald and beautiful in their own way, just like you! Being stout or bald is so unique and different (I was bald once too). 

Don't make height an excuse for not being, the best version of yourself. Your height does not determine who you are but your thoughts, actions and how you treat other people do. 

I give you my best wishes and a lot of positive vibes and energy. Please subscribe to my blog to not miss out on my weekly posts.

It would mean a lot!


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