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Friday, July 12, 2019

Saving planet Earth - our world, our home

The world is our temporary home. We have to take care of the earth. Mother Nature provides us with everything we need and ask of her. We need to give the planet the respect it deserves. We are all guilty of destroying the planet by using plastic bags and wasting water. We are cutting the same tree that we are sitting on, that is the aptest metaphor for our current situation. I am no different and neither are you. We all not need the earth's resources for our daily needs. Using the world's resources is inevitable. Let's face it we all need the food and nourishment of the Earth our home.

I was so taken aback by this dilemma of not knowing what to do. How was I to live a reasonably good life on Earth without destroying the mother that provides? How was I to save the world? This was a question that would not only affect me but the whole human race that considered the world their home. So I decided to ask other people their opinions on how we could save the world.

I asked a question on Instagram that had quite a great response. Everyone contributed to the discussion of how we could save our home. Through this method, I got people interested in the discussion by their contribution. Everyone loves to give advice. Through giving they also learn to accept the advice that is given by their peers. The question was plain and simple: 'Ideas on saving the planet?'

1st person: plant more trees

I completely agree with this. I live in the City of Mumbai. It is a very busy city with many buildings, cars and lots of people getting late for work. I have noticed while walking on the streets that the trees are nowhere to be seen. It gets unbearably hot in the summers and there are no trees to protect from the drizzle in the monsoons. I have personally begun to miss the trees. It gives us clean oxygen so that we can breathe better. It cleans the already polluted air so that we can think clearly as the increase in oxygen supply reaches our brain.

2nd person: Organic farming of animals and plants

This is absolutely true as it would greatly help reduce Animal cruelty which in a way is saving the planet. We are all a part of the food chain. One cannot live without the other. If we are going to be non-vegetarian we might as well do it the right way. We could monitor our consumption of animals and their products by eating meat in moderation while still fulfilling our needs. As Mahatma Gandhi said ' There is enough on Earth for everybody's need, but not enough for everybody's greed.' Organic farming of plants could help lower the amount of pesticides in our food and we can live healthier lives.

3rd person: Save animals

In this soul searching moment I felt a sense of hypocrisy. It is impossible for us to harm a dog yet we harm other animals. I almost felt like quitting meat completely and to go vegan instead. I researched a lot about it. I saw a really good video on how a lot of vegan You Tubers switched back to fish, eggs and eventually meat after being advised to do so by their doctors. The diet worked against their health. So they eventually had to stop. I felt that eating meat was not as much of a problem as long as we eat in moderation. This is my personal opinion. Everyone has the right to one.

4th person: Stop dumping plastic

I have seen garbage or trash under signboards that literally warn against doing so. It is really appalling. The horrible smell of burned plastic can really make anyone feel nauseous and suffocated. We should all learn how to segregate our waste. We should urge our governments to have separate trash cans for separate requirements. The waste should also be treated depending on the type of garbage.

5th person: Eat seafood that is only in season

This is quite a sensible thing to do. We should refuse to eat seafood that is not in season. We often go to buy expensive prawns or other types of seafood during off season. Why can't we just shift to something else for a change. This could greatly help the marine life.

6th person: Stop over-consumption save water, save fuel, save resources.

Everything in moderation is good. Too much of anything is bad for us and the environment. We should learn to promote sustainable development.

7th person: Plant a sapling


We all could do it as an activity with our friends. It may be difficult in cities but we can keep a small plant at home and nurture it. It may seem small but we have to start somewhere. Gardening is great useful hobby that could help the environment.

8th person: Find Alternatives to plastic

We all should not forget to carry a cloth bag while shopping. We are all guilty for asking of asking for a plastic bag. We should say no to plastic as much as we can.

9th person: support sustainable fashion

We should stop using fast fashion brands. Fast fashion brands make low-quality clothes that that spoil faster, go out of style quickly and eventually leads to over-consumption. This leads to an increase in textile waste. She also said that we should help support local brands by purchasing their products instead of products made on a mass scale by multinational companies. We should donate the clothes we don't use anymore. It would not only help those in need but also the environment.

10th person: Don't waste drinking water

I completely agree with this. I had a friend who would only ask for the amount of water that she would drink. If you gave her anything more than what she asked for she would not waste it but drink the whole thing.

We can all take away a few valuable lessons that have been contributed by our insightful youth. They all have sensed the issues that our world is facing. Many of us may not go out of our way to help control climate change but if we all work together and do the little we can to help conserve our environment we can all live meaningful lives.

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Thank You :)

With love,

Decidel Godinho


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