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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hair Spa Treatment Benefits | Healthy Hair Care

Hair Spa benefits - Hair Spa for Hair Care?

Hair spa not only benefits your hair it rejuvenates it. Similarly, If you want healthy bouncy hair as shown in every shampoo commercial then Hair Spa is your best bet. It is a hair care treatment that nourishes your hair from root to tip. Hair-spa is a healthy hair treatment. It should be made a routine as it adds life to your hair. Hair Spa's countless benefits give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow and remain healthy. Hair Spa gives you the pampering and care, that you know you deserve. The Spa treatment is not only a great hair care idea but is also an investment in yourself. Every lady (or man) should indulge in weekly hair and skincare routine if it makes her feel special. The care and nourishment you give your hair will benefit every hair strand, giving it the love your hair needs.

Reverses hair damage

Say bye-bye to split ends and dandruff. After my hair spa treatment, my hair had new life. As a result, my hair tips were so soft that it made me overthink my need for a haircut. Every strand was untangled and my curls were much more manageable. That is to say, that my scalp never felt cleaner than this before. I couldn't help tossing my hair around, as if I were in a commercial.

Hair spa reduces hair fall and strengthens each hair follicle to give healthy, looking and feeling hair. I don't know about you girls (or boys :P ) but I have a lot of hair fall. Mumbai and cities in general, have a lot of pollution (cutting down of Aarey is going to make it worse). This pollution is toxic for our skin, hair and overall health. For instance, It reverses the damage done to our hair by this city pollution.

The hair spa treatment clears out all the built-up impurities inside the pores of your hair. (This makes your scalp do a happy dance). All these impurities are consequently collected in our scalp by pollution from the environment and other harmful pollutants. Blocking the chances of new hair growth.

Harmful hair products

We blow-dry, straighten, curl and smoothen our hair. This is to say, that the heat we use in our hair can cause damage to our beautiful locks.

Remember the curling iron you used before that party you had to go to, or do you remember the straightener you left in, a little too long in your hair. You don't? but you may definitely remember those honey blonde streaks you always wanted. Of course, you don't want to remember. Nobody likes to say, that they damage their own hair.

Let's admit it we've all done it. The question is can we do something about it? The chemicals in our hair products damage our hair. We colour, put hair spray and use shampoos with harmful Sulphate chemicals that are almost poisonous to our hair. But you know what? It's okay to style your hair as long as you take enough care before and after you style it.

How do we take care of it?

We firstly, need to put heat-resisting spray before ironing our hair. Secondly, give our hair the required oil it needs and thirdly, fix previous damage by getting a hair spa done once a week. A hair spa will give your hair the love and nourishment it needs. So that it's ready before your next party hairdo.

Hair Spa Steps

Step 1:

It is a much-needed vacation for your hair. You are first pampered by a luxurious hair wash. The shampoo is applied all over your hair and then washed off immediately. The hair spa product (I used L'Oreal professional Spa cream) is then applied from the centre of your hair to your hair tips. (I have short hair so less product was used) Then comes the best part.... wait for it.... a calming/soothing (whatever you want to call it) massage 💆‍♀️. This was the best part of my whole hair spa experience. It simply relaxes the body and mind. Having a silent room goes a long way. (The salon lady demanded that we kept silent, lol) She was right, it helps.

If you are a working woman who has had a hard day or any woman (or man or anyone) you know you deserve this massage. Make sure that your masseuse does a good job 👍🏼 as the massage helps in blood circulation which is great for the hair. It helps in stimulating the blood flow in your scalp which leads to stronger roots in your hair. (go hair spa 👏)

Step 2

Your hair is then steamed by hot vapour. The steam can be a bit too hot meanwhile so make sure you keep updating the saloon staff. Subsequently, the hot steam will open up your pores and clean out all the impurities and clogged pores. Steam is good for a number of things. It is especially great for your skin and even your scalp. This is one of the most important parts of a hair spa and shouldn't be avoided.

Step 3

The conditioned hair is later washed off in some time. In my case, it was kept on till my face cleanup product had dried. I got my hair and skin done on the same day. It felt amazing. I would recommend doing this with a best friend, it's much more fun.

Step 4 

(I got my hair blow-dried and trimmed) Blow drying always makes you look and feel fabulous. It just adds that extra to your hair. It just makes you fall in love with the result. If you're not open to using heat on your hair (which is great) there are other options as well. You can normally air-dry your hair. It won't affect the result. Blow drying gives your hair the extra bounce but air-drying is a lot more natural.


After the hair spa treatment

You will notice a natural shine, clean scalp and healthy flowing hair that belongs in the movies.

That’s not all! It normalises and controls oil secretion in your scalp. ( If you have an oily scalp like me hair spa can do wonders) I noticed a good oil balance in my roots. The usual stickiness in my scalp was gone. My hair had a natural shine to it.

How often should you have it?

Hair Spa may seem like a one-time thing but it’s best done, once in two weeks. You subsequently reap the benefits of hair spa much later even if it may not seem like it. Hair Spa strengthens the roots and we know that a good foundation leads to strong outcomes. Doing it once in two weeks is not affordable to everybody especially not to college students. I found a few alternatives to that as well. Read more to find out.

Just one limitation

The only drawback is for those with coloured hair, as the hair colour may fade. However, Lo'real has a product to solve that problem too. It is called the Lo’real Serie Expert Vitamino Color Masque. It conditions coloured hair. Hair Spa then has no drawbacks only good outcomes. So it's surely worth a try.

Nourishes the hair

Hair spa stimulates the scalp and helps it breathe. The massage, as a result, causes blood circulation which wakes up your scalp and its pores. It restores the vital nutrients that are required in the hair. In addition, moisturises every strand and conditions every part of your hair. This makes your hair soft, flowy and gives bounce to your hair.

Is Hair Spa Expensive?

Hair Spa can be a bit expensive to undertake once in two weeks. However, it’s worth every dime spent.

I figured how to save money on it too! A single visit to the parlour costs as much as a whole bottle of the product that was used in my hair. I believe that if it can be done at home, then why not! You could do the whole process at home and it isn’t difficult to do at all. You just have to wash your hair, apply the product, massage it in, put a hot towel, rinse your hair, and that’s it your done. It will give you the same results. If this still seems expensive or you are not comfortable with the chemicals, I have another blog coming up soon. But, till then...

Happy Hair-pampering!

I will soon update the blog with homemade natural DIY Hair Spa remedies.

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Thank You 😃


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